Let's get to know CONVAR data recovery procedures and how your data will be recovered safely

Whether you need to recover critical lost business data or irreplaceable personal files, we will put our specialized knowledge and cutting-edge technology to work for you. Our partner CONVAR™ offers best-in-class data recovery services for all formats and all brands of storage media.

Data loss can happen to anyone. No matter how high your security measures are, material fatigue, wear and tear, incorrect use or manipulation, causes data loss to happen daily.

If you should also be subject to a case of data loss, get in touch with our specialists right away. We will work closely with you or your own specialist to investigate the situation and find the best recovery solution for you.

  Get to know CONVAR Deutschland GmbH our Data Recovery partner


The CONVAR laboratory was the first to be commissioned with the data recovery of hard drives from the destroyed World Trade Center in the year 2001.​


Our expertise is also available for your data recovery. For successful data recovery we use state-of-the-art methods, systems and software applications. This array of special systems like, for instance, the so-called BLUE LASER SCANNER has made CONVAR famous throughout the world.

All clients from various business sectors, e.g. the military, the financial sector, industry, insurances, public authorities, as well as private customers particularly appreciate the competence, speed, confidentiality and friendliness of the staff in our Data Recovery Lab.

      DIAGNOSIS  is the first step to start a data recovery process

For an initial diagnosis of your data recovery requirements, we generally need 4 - 8 hours following submission of the damaged medium. This express data recovery service is available to all of our customers at no additional cost express data recovery is our standard!

Biometric access control systems ensure that, in our Data Recovery Centre, only those staff members from the respective data recovery departments have access to your data.

Furthermore, more than 60 cameras permanently monitor the approx. 2,500 sqm large data recovery security complex.

Your data carriers will be locked safely in one of the Data Recovery Centre's two safes after every handling. Due to the high safety standards, CONVAR DEUTSCHLAND meets the strict US military standards as regards storage and handling of confidential data.

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