​Data Global Services Ltd is company registered with number 9927996 by Companies House in the UK.
We provide Data Recovery in partnership with CONVAR Deutschland GmbH.


Why did we choose CONVAR to be our partner?
We have provided here excellent references about Data Recovery services on 

the links where you can watch videos how they work and manage data with secure. 

CONVAR was selected as a credible company to manage and recover the WTC Hard Drives data. That time a hard and secure work was requested to manage the WTC data. 
Also let's add "Fukushima" data recovery that was also one of many important requests 

received by CONVAR.

Trusted by Private, Governments, Public sectors it's proved how secure your data will

be dealt by CONVAR and that's why we became partners for this service.

Data Global Services Ltd


UK +44 1753 460 184


Data Global Services Ltd